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= hsadminNg Development
== Setting up the Development Environment
You'll often need to execute `./gradlew`, therefore we suggest to define this alias:
alias gw='./gradlew'
== Building the Application with Test Execution
gw build
== Starting the Application
Either simply:
gw bootRun
or with a specific port:
SERVER_PORT=8081 ./gradlew bootRun
== Running JUnit tests with branch coverage
=== for IntelliJ IDEA
see: https://confluence.jetbrains.com/display/IDEADEV/IDEA+Coverage+Runner
Either apply it to specific test configurations or,
better, delete the previous test configurations and amend the JUnit template.
== Git Workflow
The jhipster-generated git branch tracks the history of the JDL model file
and the generated source code. The project has to be resetted to a clean state
(without any generated entitites) before changes to the JDL file can be imported.
# Prepare/Cleanup Workspace
git checkout jhipster-generated
git reset --hard jdl-base
git clean -f -d
git checkout HEAD@{1} src/main/jdl/customer.jdl
git reset HEAD .
# Apply changes to the jdl file
# Invoke JHipster generator
jhipster import-jdl src/main/jdl/customer.jdl --force
# Let Git determine change set between most recent commit and the re-generated source
git reset --soft HEAD@{1}
git reset HEAD .
git add .
# Commit changeset
git commit -m '...'
# Merge changeset into master branch
git checkout master
git merge jhipster-generated