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@ -421,6 +421,21 @@ Underneath of rbac and hs, the structure is business oriented, NOT technical / l
Some of these rules are checked with *ArchUnit* unit tests.
### Run Tests from Command Line
Run all tests which have not yet been passed with the current source code:
gw test
Force running all tests:
gw cleanTest test
### Spotless Code Formatting
Code formatting for Java is checked via *spotless*.
@ -579,7 +594,7 @@ Summary for Debian-based Linux systems:
sudo apt-get -y install podman
2Then start it like this:
Then start it like this:
systemctl --user enable --now podman.socket
@ -610,7 +625,7 @@ we need to register a shutdown-hook in the test source code.
2. Now You Can Run the Tests
gw clean test # gw is from the .aliases file
gw test # gw is from the .aliases file
#### Use IntelliJ IDEA Run the Tests Against the Podman Daemon