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Just don't forget switching to the migration mode, once there is a production database!
## Further Documentation
- the `doc` directory contains architecture concepts and a glossary
- tracks requirements and progress for the contract of the initial project,
please do not amend anything in this document

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### hsadminNg Glossary
This is a collection of terms used in this project, which either might not be generally known or unclear in meaning.
If you miss something, please add it with a `TODO` marker.
#### Blackbox-Test
A blackbox-test does not know and not consider such internals of an implementation, it just tests externally observable behaviour.
#### Business Object
Used in the RBAC-system to refer to an object from the business realm.
The usual term is *domain object* but in our context, the term *domain* could be too easily confused with a DNS *Internet domain*.
#### Dummy
A *dummy* is a kind of *Test-Double* which replaces a real dependency which is not really needed in the test case.
#### Fake
A *fake* is a kind of *Test-Double* without using any library, but rather a manual fake implementation of a dependency.
#### Mock
A *mock* is a kind of *Test-Double* which can be configured to behaviours as needed by a test-case.
Often the term "mock" is used in a generic way, because typical mocking libraries like *Mockito* can also be used as dummies or spies and can replace fakes.
#### RBAC
Abbreviation for *Role Based Access Control*.
A system to control access to business objects by defining users, roles, and permissions.
See also [The INCITS 359-2012 Standard](
In our case we are implementing a hierarchical RBAC for a hierarchical and dynamic business object structure.
More information can be found in our [RBAC Architecture Document](
#### Tenant
*Tenant* is one of the standard roles of Hostsharing's RBAC system.
It is assigned as a sub-role to those who have rights on sub-objects of a business object.
Usually, tenants can only view the contents.
Generally, tenant roles only apply for the mere existence, id and name of a business object,
not for internal details.
E.g. a tenant of a customer could be the administrator of a hosting package of that customer.
They can view some identifying information of that customer, but not view their billing and banking information.
#### Whitebox-Test
A whitebox-test knows and considers the internals of an implementation, e.g. it knows which dependencies it needs and can test special, implementation-dependent cases.
#### Test-Double
A "double" is a general term for something which replaces a real implementation of a dependency of the unit under test.
This can be a "dummy", a "fake", a "mock", a "spy" or a "stub".