Michael Hoennig
2022-10-19 5764accbc5308525a2af740038eed18fcbfed5bf
2022-09-14 Michael Hoennig
prefix alex+fran with superuser- to make tests easier to understand
tree@ 3fa02d commitdiff
2022-09-13 Michael Hoennig
cleanup old domain emailaddess and test sql scripts
tree@ 7465b9 commitdiff
2022-09-07 Michael Hoennig
cleanup+categorization of TODOs
tree@ 23796c commitdiff
2022-09-06 Michael Hoennig
refactor to only a single global admin object global#global.admin
tree@ da793e commitdiff
2022-08-31 Michael Hoennig
replace unixuser test entities with domain
tree@ a11725 commitdiff
2022-08-31 Michael Hoennig
use customer/package/unixuser only as test data structure (DB part)
tree@ a33cb4 commitdiff
2022-08-30 Michael Hoennig
rename currentUserId->currentUserUuid + currentSubjectIds->currentSubjectsU...
tree@ 8045b6 commitdiff
2022-08-24 Michael Hoennig
introduce currentTask and ContextBasedTest
tree@ cb641e commitdiff
2022-08-23 Michael Hoennig
re-numbering rbac db-migration scripts while extracting context (currentUse...
tree@ 81cfbc commitdiff
2022-08-22 Michael Hoennig
cleaning up database migration files, removing date prefix, renumbering etc.
tree@ dd4f39 commitdiff
2022-07-29 Michael Hoennig
move rbac.md to doc folder
tree@ 4edff1 commitdiff
2022-07-28 Michael Hoennig
convert rbac*.sql files, except test-file, to Liquibase changesets
tree@ d234ac commitdiff
2022-07-28 Michael Hoennig
RBAC documentation improved, but still WIP
tree@ feff1b commitdiff
2022-07-28 Michael Hoennig
introduce referential integrity for role identification - part 2 assume
tree@ 457641 commitdiff
2022-07-27 Michael Hoennig
introduce referential integrity for role identification - part 1
tree@ 1dde6b commitdiff
2022-07-27 Michael Hoennig
the _rv query with WHERE IN was faster after all, removing the JOIN variant
tree@ 6f6320 commitdiff
2022-07-27 Michael Hoennig
_rv query performance experiments
tree@ bafae5 commitdiff
2022-07-26 Michael Hoennig
add users to customer+package role diagrams
tree@ 190d39 commitdiff
2022-07-26 Michael Hoennig
final performance tests as do block to measure total time
tree@ 46c5f5 commitdiff
2022-07-25 Michael Hoennig
improve documentation
tree@ 04a343 commitdiff
2022-07-25 Michael Hoennig
better layout for RBAC entity diagram
tree@ 4814e7 commitdiff
2022-07-25 Michael Hoennig
remove generated pdf
tree@ 16513f commitdiff
2022-07-25 Michael Hoennig
improved role structure including comprised tenant sub roles
tree@ d4eeb3 commitdiff
2022-07-22 Michael Hoennig
RbacGrants with follow=false for customer.owner to customer.admin
tree@ 377b63 commitdiff
2022-07-22 Michael Hoennig
removing JHipster
tree@ f2d0fb commitdiff
2019-05-04 Michael Hierweck
Transaction as foreign key. Example usage.
tree@ 1e0d34 commitdiff
2019-04-26 Michael Hierweck
Historicization with PostgreSQL improved.
tree@ 9c1bed commitdiff
2019-04-25 Michael Hierweck
Historicization with PostgreSQL.
tree@ da00c8 commitdiff
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