Michael Hoennig
2022-10-19 5764accbc5308525a2af740038eed18fcbfed5bf
2022-10-12 Michael Hoennig
introduces agent+guest role for role-system around debitor+partner
tree@ 0b60b9 commitdiff
2022-09-14 Michael Hoennig
improved documentation for using Podman with IntelliJ IDEA
tree@ 7d8d6b commitdiff
2022-08-31 Michael Hoennig
replace unixuser test entities with domain
tree@ a11725 commitdiff
2022-08-30 Michael Hoennig
rename currentUserId->currentUserUuid + currentSubjectIds->currentSubjectsU...
tree@ 8045b6 commitdiff
2022-08-13 Michael Hoennig
creating and viewing grants
tree@ 322736 commitdiff
2022-08-08 Michael Hoennig
API-first with openapiprocessor and modelmapper
tree@ eeab68 commitdiff
2022-08-05 Michael Hoennig
test alignment and code cleanup
tree@ 86128f commitdiff
2022-08-05 Michael Hoennig
add Gradle Java toolchain and improve documentation
tree@ 433d0e commitdiff
2022-08-04 Michael Hoennig
add adr for row-level-security
tree@ bf3da3 commitdiff
2022-08-04 Michael Hoennig
add glossary
tree@ 2eb8b7 commitdiff
2022-07-31 Michael Hoennig
TODO tracking
tree@ 5d4fb8 commitdiff
2022-07-30 Michael Hoennig
initial test-concept documentation
tree@ 146380 commitdiff
2022-07-29 Michael Hoennig
move rbac.md to doc folder
tree@ 4edff1 commitdiff
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