HSAdmin Backend Domains, E-Mail, Datenbanken
Peter Hormanns
2013-05-09 8a60b90ce70d302cc3dc7ccc458834d4975c9579
2013-05-09 Peter Hormanns
fix customer update: update shares signed
tree@ 855ab2 commitdiff
2013-05-08 peter
remove wrong comment
tree@ 69d8aa commitdiff
2013-05-06 Peter Hormanns
new tests to show errors in pac module
tree@ 502841 commitdiff
2013-05-01 peter
return role "PAC_ADMIN_DW" or "PAC_ADMIN_SW" for webclient
tree@ 95c922 commitdiff
2013-04-29 Peter Hormanns
merge pac-type tests
tree@ f602b2 commitdiff
2013-04-25 Peter Hormanns
introduce attribute free to pac definition
tree@ cc95da commitdiff
2013-04-25 Peter Hormanns
fix error: packet is now created as requested
tree@ 9148f9 commitdiff
2013-04-12 Michael Hierweck
Exit pac processor factory when processing "unknown" pac types. Renamed DW/...
tree@ 953f03 commitdiff
2013-02-20 Purodha
SelectableValues can now be annotated with kind of data (e.g. SINGLEVALUE, ...
tree@ c5c575 commitdiff
2013-02-20 Purodha
Another step of handling the annotation of selectableValues.
tree@ 24223e commitdiff
2013-01-21 Peter Hormanns
fix error in object initialization
tree@ e6b213 commitdiff
2013-01-21 Peter Hormanns
clean code
tree@ 932ca0 commitdiff
2013-01-05 Purodha
moduleprops now generally working for referredProps, too. Annotations for t...
tree@ 9b3192 commitdiff
2013-01-03 Purodha
Some minor fixes in moduleprop, som commented out debugging stuff. Bug null...
tree@ c1f044 commitdiff
2013-01-03 Purodha
Module added: moduleprop - per module list of used fields taken from annota...
tree@ f3b725 commitdiff
2012-10-18 Peter Hormanns
support legacy web-client
tree@ 51bb1e commitdiff
2012-10-16 peter
handling of created and cancelled properties
tree@ c1ac39 commitdiff
2012-09-21 Peter Hormanns
implement pac update
tree@ da5f5c commitdiff
2012-08-16 Peter Hormanns
revert (GenericAbstractRemote is buggy)
tree@ cf132c commitdiff
2012-07-27 Peter Hormanns
started generic remote implementation
tree@ 3611be commitdiff
2012-07-27 Peter Hormanns
annotate read-write-mode
tree@ d596fc commitdiff
2012-07-25 Peter Hormanns
fix NullPointer greylisting seen more common
tree@ 7b0315 commitdiff
2012-07-25 Peter Hormanns
dont delete domainoptions if no new value is given
tree@ 3a386f commitdiff
2012-07-23 Peter Hormanns
enable xmlrpc system modul, hide method getOrderBy
tree@ dcd9f9 commitdiff
2012-07-23 Peter Hormanns
enable xmlrpc system modul, hide method getOrderBy
tree@ 96c264 commitdiff
2012-07-23 Peter Hormanns
enable xmlrpc system modul
tree@ dcee8e commitdiff
2012-07-19 Peter Hormanns
fix errors on email-targets as string-arrays
tree@ 01425c commitdiff
2012-07-19 Peter Hormanns
provide option for developer tests without cas and ssl fix several errors o...
tree@ f09b31 commitdiff
2012-07-18 Peter Hormanns
error in xmlrpc typeconversion
tree@ a19480 commitdiff
2012-07-18 Peter Hormanns
revert change
tree@ bed017 commitdiff
2012-07-18 Peter Hormanns
DomainOptions Impl
tree@ 93a4c5 commitdiff
2012-07-18 Michael Hierweck
XMLRPC: Targets of email aliases are lists of strings instead of comma sepa...
tree@ ad6f20 commitdiff
2012-06-12 Peter Hormanns
fixed #78
tree@ 630795 commitdiff
2011-10-28 Peter Hormanns
more xmlrpc datatypes
tree@ 41ba1c commitdiff
2011-10-28 Peter Hormanns
more xmlrpc datatypes
tree@ 03ee39 commitdiff
2011-10-28 Peter Hormanns
fixed #75
tree@ 3fb18c commitdiff
2011-08-30 Peter Hormanns
Release 2.0.1
tree@ 75b244 commitdiff
2011-05-19 Peter Hormanns
Probleme mit INetAddr
tree@ f8fb5d commitdiff
2011-05-19 Peter Hormanns
Probleme mit Hive
tree@ ebf2e0 commitdiff
2011-05-19 Peter Hormanns
Probleme mit Basepac
tree@ 473062 commitdiff
2011-04-01 Peter Hormanns
Datenbank Module
tree@ 2b6ce2 commitdiff
2011-03-31 Peter Hormanns
Rollen-spezifische Module
tree@ 875d64 commitdiff
2011-03-30 Peter Hormanns
Locale aus Request RoleRemote
tree@ 1d5797 commitdiff
2011-03-25 Peter Hormanns
leere Datenbank fuer Tests initialisieren
tree@ f94bfc commitdiff
2011-03-22 Peter Hormanns
tree@ 6ca3aa commitdiff
2010-12-17 Peter Hormanns
generisches Delete, Fehlerbehandlung
tree@ e62f1f commitdiff
2010-12-16 Peter Hormanns
Weitere Module
tree@ 93db50 commitdiff
2010-10-05 Peter Hormanns
Module member, emailaddress, domain
tree@ 726244 commitdiff
2010-10-04 Peter Hormanns
Arbeit am member-Modul
tree@ a6c4de commitdiff
2010-10-01 Peter Hormanns
Schlankes Backend ohne JSF-Code
tree@ 4dd989 commitdiff
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