HSAdmin Backend Domains, E-Mail, Datenbanken
2013-04-02 325ae31e08b8aca7b1d32d975439c142fd866341
2013-01-21 Peter Hormanns
allow user.add with given userid, if it is free
tree@ 75a68d commitdiff
2012-09-21 Peter Hormanns
implement pac update
tree@ da5f5c commitdiff
2012-08-16 Peter Hormanns
allow - in shell
tree@ d2dc9e commitdiff
2012-07-27 Peter Hormanns
annotate read-write-mode
tree@ d596fc commitdiff
2012-07-27 Peter Hormanns
clean code
tree@ 3d4e83 commitdiff
2011-12-16 Peter Hormanns
killall returns false if nothing to kill
tree@ 2823a8 commitdiff
2011-10-28 Peter Hormanns
fixed #74
tree@ 70633f commitdiff
2011-08-12 Peter Hormanns
find module implementations by annotation
tree@ 888b10 commitdiff
2011-06-24 Peter Hormanns
clean code
tree@ a71fd7 commitdiff
2011-06-24 Peter Hormanns
NullPointerException fuer Hostmaster im Queue-Modul
tree@ 85a7dd commitdiff
2011-05-23 Peter Hormanns
Ticket #50, Formatierung, Queues in context.xml
tree@ 611b1f commitdiff
2011-05-17 Peter Hormanns
missing queues
tree@ 18d32a commitdiff
2011-05-17 Peter Hormanns
resolve #20, #25, #27
tree@ 696fd1 commitdiff
2011-03-31 Peter Hormanns
Rollen-spezifische Module
tree@ 875d64 commitdiff
2011-03-30 Peter Hormanns
Locale aus Request RoleRemote
tree@ 1d5797 commitdiff
2011-03-25 Peter Hormanns
leere Datenbank fuer Tests initialisieren
tree@ f94bfc commitdiff
2011-03-23 Peter Hormanns
Paket und Admin-User in HSDB anlegen
tree@ 6bb368 commitdiff
2011-03-22 Peter Hormanns
tree@ 6ca3aa commitdiff
2010-10-05 Peter Hormanns
Module member, emailaddress, domain
tree@ 726244 commitdiff
2010-10-04 Peter Hormanns
Arbeit am member-Modul
tree@ a6c4de commitdiff
2010-10-01 Peter Hormanns
Schlankes Backend ohne JSF-Code
tree@ 4dd989 commitdiff
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