HSAdmin Backend Domains, E-Mail, Datenbanken
Peter Hormanns
2013-03-07 22024d78dd962838c184c374e74a134978399066
2013-01-03 Purodha
Domain-options shown and editable in web interface. Minor corrections elsew...
tree@ 3ff6a8 commitdiff
2012-12-18 Peter Hormanns
merged ArstractProperty, pac-prefix editor everywhere
tree@ d9afe2 commitdiff
2012-12-18 Peter Hormanns
new editor widget for alias name
tree@ fa9cd9 commitdiff
2012-12-18 Peter Hormanns
new edit widget pacprefixed-name
tree@ 7449f9 commitdiff
2012-11-02 Peter Hormanns
new logout button
tree@ 78f70f commitdiff
2012-11-02 Peter Hormanns
refactorings on run-as feature
tree@ f002ef commitdiff
2012-10-31 Peter Hormanns
show objct name in delete confirm dialog
tree@ df76a8 commitdiff
2012-10-31 Peter Hormanns
label run-as selector configure tabsheet to selected role
tree@ 3a8c86 commitdiff
2012-07-18 Purodha Blissenbach
tree@ 7146dc commitdiff
2012-07-18 Purodha Blissenbach
tree@ c1981c commitdiff
2012-07-18 Purodha Blissenbach
Schreibfehler korrigiert
tree@ a925e2 commitdiff
2011-10-28 Peter Hormanns
fixed #75
tree@ 3fb18c commitdiff
2011-05-23 Peter Hormanns
kleine Verbesserungen, tickets #47 und #48
tree@ 350897 commitdiff
2011-04-01 Peter Hormanns
Datenbank Module
tree@ 2b6ce2 commitdiff
2011-03-31 Peter Hormanns
Rollen-spezifische Module
tree@ 834dee commitdiff
2011-03-21 Peter Hormanns
tree@ c00b2e commitdiff
2011-03-18 Peter Hormanns
Felder fuer: Passwort, Auswahl, Read-Only etc. Update der Vaadin-Lib auf 6.5.3
tree@ fea45e commitdiff
2011-02-26 Peter Hormanns
generisches Formular fuer Update und Add begonnen
tree@ a1c1b3 commitdiff
2010-12-17 Peter Hormanns
generisches Delete, Fehlerbehandlung
tree@ e62f1f commitdiff
2010-12-16 Peter Hormanns
Weitere Module
tree@ 93db50 commitdiff
2010-12-15 Peter Hormanns
mehrere Tabs fuer Module, EMail noch kaputt
tree@ 4cb63d commitdiff
2010-12-15 Peter Hormanns
Umstellung auf Vaadin Projekt
tree@ e780b1 commitdiff
2010-09-27 Peter Hormanns
Domain Modul begonnen
tree@ 5c28eb commitdiff
2010-09-21 Peter Hormanns
Web-Client mit MyFaces 2.0 gestartet
tree@ 64cb9b commitdiff
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