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Peter Hormanns
2019-03-09 09e7b1fc4e97cc39ae14b3aabc99e8f5319c2d3f
2019-03-01 Peter Hormanns
align database model
tree@ fb4da1 commitdiff
2018-06-12 Peter Hormanns
configure PassengerLogFile
tree@ a62974 commitdiff
2018-04-12 Peter Hormanns
role nocreateuser removes in postgres 9.6
tree@ 2beb20 commitdiff
2017-10-04 Peter Hormanns
remove legacy code pac dw/sw
tree@ 9dd254 commitdiff
2017-09-19 Peter Hormanns
load config on queue-server
tree@ a696dd commitdiff
2016-05-13 Peter Hormanns
revoke any privileges for unknown users from created database
tree@ aabb5d commitdiff
2016-04-08 Peter Hormanns
perform does not work
tree@ dd4ce5 commitdiff
2016-04-08 Peter Hormanns
try perform instead of select
tree@ bdecf9 commitdiff
2016-04-08 Peter Hormanns
postgres 8.4 change
tree@ 203f24 commitdiff
2016-04-08 Peter Hormanns
change for postgres 8.4
tree@ f470ed commitdiff
2015-12-28 Peter Hormanns
extend validation of user and database names
tree@ 3a704c commitdiff
2015-09-11 Peter Hormanns
derived field are readonly
tree@ 88b6b6 commitdiff
2014-11-25 Peter Hormanns
dont fire multiple sql statments in batch because selects throwed an exception
tree@ 258291 commitdiff
2014-08-28 Michael Hierweck
Killall before dropping mysql databases/users.
tree@ 90350b commitdiff
2014-08-28 Michael Hierweck
Terminate pgsql database sessions before dropping users/databases.
tree@ c031f5 commitdiff
2013-07-15 Peter Hormanns
remove erroneous comments
tree@ 7beee9 commitdiff
2013-07-15 Peter Hormanns
fix error update postgresql database owner
tree@ c0413f commitdiff
2013-05-26 peter
no error on missing mysql database
tree@ ae9911 commitdiff
2013-05-23 Peter Hormanns
move basepac names to hostsharing package
tree@ d305c6 commitdiff
2013-05-23 Peter Hormanns
extract multioption constants to one place
tree@ e26b0e commitdiff
2013-04-29 Peter Hormanns
merge pac-type tests
tree@ f602b2 commitdiff
2013-04-02 Peter Hormanns
fix #103 Fehlerbehandlung remove duplicate JDBCProcessor
tree@ bdde43 commitdiff
2013-01-21 Peter Hormanns
fix error in adding new object with hostmaster privileges
tree@ 3419f1 commitdiff
2012-07-27 Peter Hormanns
annotate read-write-mode
tree@ d596fc commitdiff
2012-07-27 Peter Hormanns
clean code
tree@ 3d4e83 commitdiff
2011-10-28 Peter Hormanns
fixes #54
tree@ 77a839 commitdiff
2011-08-29 Peter Hormanns
Release 2.0.1
tree@ 38d9e8 commitdiff
2011-08-12 Peter Hormanns
etwas zurueck...
tree@ f86c49 commitdiff
2011-08-12 Peter Hormanns
find module implementations by annotation
tree@ 888b10 commitdiff
2011-05-23 Peter Hormanns
Ticket #50, Formatierung, Queues in context.xml
tree@ 611b1f commitdiff
2011-05-20 Peter Hormanns
Database Namen pruefen
tree@ 835dbf commitdiff
2011-05-20 Peter Hormanns
Database Namen pruefen
tree@ 2cdb8a commitdiff
2011-04-01 Peter Hormanns
Datenbank Module
tree@ 2b6ce2 commitdiff
2011-03-22 Peter Hormanns
tree@ 6ca3aa commitdiff
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