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Peter Hormanns
2019-03-09 09e7b1fc4e97cc39ae14b3aabc99e8f5319c2d3f
2019-03-07 Peter Hormanns
IPv6 changes
tree@ 35727b commitdiff
2018-03-07 Peter Hormanns
hide passwords in logs
tree@ 240c39 commitdiff
2017-11-23 Peter Hormanns
optimize logging
tree@ 9c7202 commitdiff
2017-11-23 Peter Hormanns
optimize logging
tree@ 02e4e1 commitdiff
2017-11-23 Peter Hormanns
optimize logging
tree@ bf7f4e commitdiff
2017-09-19 Peter Hormanns
do not log full password
tree@ b353e0 commitdiff
2017-09-19 Peter Hormanns
load config on queue-server
tree@ a696dd commitdiff
2017-09-19 Peter Hormanns
qserv logging
tree@ b05e55 commitdiff
2017-04-10 Peter Hormanns
update schema for member_shares
tree@ 5c0c11 commitdiff
2016-11-16 Peter Hormanns
code formatting
tree@ 77fc48 commitdiff
2016-05-13 Peter Hormanns
limit list of queue jobs to the latest 500 entries
tree@ f934cd commitdiff
2016-04-08 Peter Hormanns
change for postgres 8.4
tree@ f470ed commitdiff
2015-12-23 Peter Hormanns
some property names are overwritten in api
tree@ 0be76b commitdiff
2015-11-25 Peter Hormanns
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/newweb'
tree@ a0025d commitdiff
2015-09-11 Peter Hormanns
add name property to inetaddr
tree@ f7a038 commitdiff
2015-09-11 Peter Hormanns
organize imports
tree@ 4d437f commitdiff
2015-09-11 Peter Hormanns
introduce annotated class property on AbstractRemote pac is readonly property
tree@ 041111 commitdiff
2015-09-07 Peter Hormanns
create newweb branch without sni changes
tree@ c8dd78 commitdiff
2015-08-07 Peter Hormanns
xmlrpcservlet does not accept additional init params
tree@ c533e7 commitdiff
2014-12-08 Peter Hormanns
remove deprecated cli client connector from source tree
tree@ 1efa34 commitdiff
2014-11-25 Peter Hormanns
dont fire multiple sql statments in batch because selects throwed an exception
tree@ 258291 commitdiff
2014-03-22 Peter Hormanns
remove test-code
tree@ 3bd6fe commitdiff
2014-03-21 Peter Hormanns
iban und bic in bank_account
tree@ 12a155 commitdiff
2013-05-27 Peter Hormanns
switch date-format to german
tree@ ff25c9 commitdiff
2013-05-25 peter
make from-address of service-email configurable
tree@ 3b01d2 commitdiff
2013-05-24 Peter Hormanns
error sending tickets to otrs
tree@ f52ab7 commitdiff
2013-04-25 Peter Hormanns
introduce attribute free to pac definition
tree@ cc95da commitdiff
2013-04-24 Peter Hormanns
enqueue processors only on web packets
tree@ 51f563 commitdiff
2013-04-03 Peter Hormanns
better name for logging conf property
tree@ d9b68c commitdiff
2013-04-03 Peter Hormanns
close #102 Logging, Queue
tree@ d4457e commitdiff
2013-04-02 Peter Hormanns
hostmaster@ as email sender
tree@ c89848 commitdiff
2013-04-02 Peter Hormanns
fix #103 Fehlerbehandlung remove duplicate JDBCProcessor
tree@ bdde43 commitdiff
2013-04-02 Purodha
Accept member accounts of more than 3 characters length in "run as" command.
tree@ 325ae3 commitdiff
2013-02-20 Peter Hormanns
use velocity template engine
tree@ 6208e0 commitdiff
2013-02-20 Purodha
SelectableValues can now be annotated with kind of data (e.g. SINGLEVALUE, ...
tree@ c5c575 commitdiff
2013-02-20 Purodha
Add more forgotten files, all of the selectableValues context.
tree@ 35ebbe commitdiff
2013-02-20 Purodha
Another step of handling the annotation of selectableValues.
tree@ 24223e commitdiff
2013-01-21 Peter Hormanns
code formatting
tree@ 21ae18 commitdiff
2013-01-03 Peter Hormanns
extend FielIO Annotation
tree@ d87cbf commitdiff
2012-11-27 Peter Hormanns
remove comments
tree@ 44484c commitdiff
2012-08-16 Peter Hormanns
Domain createprocessor works with domainoptions
tree@ b9f140 commitdiff
2012-08-16 Purodha Blissenbach
Privileges added: super stupid implememtation allow everyone to to everythi...
tree@ ee5fba commitdiff
2012-07-27 Peter Hormanns
started generic remote implementation
tree@ 3611be commitdiff
2012-07-27 Peter Hormanns
clean code
tree@ ba1d52 commitdiff
2012-07-27 Peter Hormanns
annotate read-write-mode
tree@ d596fc commitdiff
2012-07-27 Peter Hormanns
clean code
tree@ 3d4e83 commitdiff
2012-07-27 Peter Hormanns
clean code
tree@ b2d20b commitdiff
2012-07-19 Peter Hormanns
provide option for developer tests without cas and ssl fix several errors o...
tree@ f09b31 commitdiff
2012-07-17 Michael Hierweck
Alte DNS-Utils entfern. Fixed #104.
tree@ dc7c71 commitdiff
2012-06-25 Peter Hormanns
keine E-Mail fuer neues Paket, Passwort 17 Zeichen
tree@ 88dff7 commitdiff
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