HSAdmin Backend Domains, E-Mail, Datenbanken
Peter Hormanns
2019-03-09 09e7b1fc4e97cc39ae14b3aabc99e8f5319c2d3f
2017-07-30 Peter Hormanns
comment PacTasksServlet for new pac module
tree@ 80e16e commitdiff
2017-03-31 Peter Hormanns
fix dev web.xml
tree@ 2326fa commitdiff
2016-11-16 Peter Hormanns
prepare external pac module, jms tasks
tree@ 672d25 commitdiff
2015-08-07 Peter Hormanns
xmlrpcservlet does not accept additional init params
tree@ c533e7 commitdiff
2015-08-07 Peter Hormanns
ticket validator init should be in test
tree@ 71fb0a commitdiff
2015-08-07 Peter Hormanns
initialize ticket validator
tree@ fa1864 commitdiff
2015-08-07 Peter Hormanns
cli servlet does not exists anymore
tree@ 80d7f6 commitdiff
2014-12-08 Peter Hormanns
disabled cli client connector
tree@ 37a315 commitdiff
2014-11-28 Peter Hormanns
neue hives
tree@ c0ad6e commitdiff
2014-11-02 Peter Hormanns
fix typo in new hives configuration
tree@ 4829a6 commitdiff
2014-09-09 Peter Hormanns
new hives h40..h49
tree@ 67436e commitdiff
2014-03-22 Peter Hormanns
hive vollstaendig eingetragen
tree@ 45e7a5 commitdiff
2013-08-21 Peter Hormanns
neue Hives h70..h76
tree@ 5546d6 commitdiff
2013-08-06 Peter Hormanns
should be h97
tree@ 5481bd commitdiff
2013-08-06 Peter Hormanns
new hives h98 and h99
tree@ e8a7af commitdiff
2013-06-26 Peter Hormanns
neue Hives h67/h68
tree@ 7b3a53 commitdiff
2013-05-28 peter
new hives h65 h66
tree@ d12945 commitdiff
2013-04-04 Peter Hormanns
new hive h62,h63,h64
tree@ e9fd3e commitdiff
2013-04-02 Peter Hormanns
add hives h60, h61
tree@ 7723fb commitdiff
2013-03-14 Peter Hormanns
add new hives to prod-configuration
tree@ 54c4c1 commitdiff
2012-07-27 Peter Hormanns
clean code
tree@ bb34a9 commitdiff
2012-07-23 Peter Hormanns
enable xmlrpc system modul
tree@ dcee8e commitdiff
2012-07-19 Peter Hormanns
provide option for developer tests without cas and ssl fix several errors o...
tree@ f09b31 commitdiff
2012-04-05 Peter Hormanns
test configuration
tree@ 6f7e29 commitdiff
2011-05-24 Peter Hormanns
Test-Queue h81 wieder drin
tree@ ca4987 commitdiff
2011-05-21 Peter Hormanns
web.xml vervollstaendigt
tree@ 11b58e commitdiff
2011-05-05 Peter Hormanns
web.xml Anpassungen aus Properties
tree@ 05f77c commitdiff
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